About advanced rules

By using advanced rules, you can include or exclude specific files or folders to your backup set. Advanced rules help you back up the files that are not detected automatically by Norton Online Backup. If the file you want to back up does not fall in any of the file categories, you can back up the file using an advanced rule. See About backup file categories.

Norton Online Backup automatically creates advanced rules for every file or folder that you manually include or exclude to the backup set. In addition, you can manually exclude specific files from your backup set. You can customize the advanced rule and change the rule type.

You can create two types of advanced rules. An Include rule adds the selected file or folder to your backup set. An Exclude rule removes the selected file or folder from the backup set.

You can also use a file wildcard pattern to include or exclude files for backup. For example, to exclude all text files (.txt) in your C drive, type C:\*.TXT in the text box. See About file wildcard pattern.

Norton Online Backup lets you create and delete include and exclude rules.