About sending files by email

Norton Online Backup lets you share your backed up files with your friends and family. When you share your files, you must specify the following:


The subject and body of the email message must not exceed 255 characters.

Norton Online Backup sends an email message to the recipients with the file download link. In addition to the download link, the email message lists the file name, auto-generated pickup password, and expiration date.

To secure the files that you share, it is recommended that you set a password. However, Norton Online Backup does not send this password with the download link. You must share your password with your recipients through another email, phone, or by using other communication means.

You need not mandatorily set the password for shared files. You can also share files without setting up a password. However, if you do not set a password, Norton Online Backup automatically generates a pickup password.

If your recipients do not download the shared files before the expiration date, Norton Online Backup disables the download link. The default expiration date is 14 days from the date you share your files. You can change the date to a maximum of 30 days.

When your recipients attempt to download the shared files, Norton Online Backup prompts for a download password. Norton Online Backup lets your recipients download the files only after it verifies the password. However, if you have not set a password, your recipients must use the pickup password in the email message. Each recipient can download the shared files up to a maximum of 10 times.

Your recipients cannot download a file if Norton Online Backup encounters one of the following issues: